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Boiler replacement tool

Our boiler replacement tool will help you select the best heat source for your new-build or refurbishment project.

To help you navigate your way through a bewildering array of alternative heating technologies, we’ve developed the boiler replacement tool, complete with user manual.

Designed for the initial stage of a building project, be it new build or refurbishment, this tool will enable you to compare alternatives, as tailored to your unique needs and situation.

It includes:

  • Annual fuel consumption – be it electricity, natural gas, woodchip, district heating...we have it covered
  • CO2, or equivalent, emissions
  • Costs – both capital layout, and running

The results are presented in a clear and printable format, for ease of viewing.

Our user manual will take you through the process, describing how the tool itself works, explaining terms, from CO2e to renewable heating incentive, and instructions on how share your results with us, for our ongoing assessment and development of this useful resource.

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