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Reduce your office carbon footprint with our green office guide

Offices can have a heavy carbon footprint. Our green office guide will show you how to save energy and reduce waste at work

Don’t let your office be a costly epicentre of wasted paper, single-use food cartons, dripping taps and blazing heaters. Turn it around by taking hold of our practical, indispensable and absolutely free green office guide.

Our guide will show you how to:

  • Work out how much energy you use and how much waste you produce. We'll help you evaluate your consumption and set appropriate targets
  • Reduce what you use so it doesn’t become waste. Pausing for thought before you purchase makes the difference. Do you need it? Can it be re-used? Is it over-packaged? We have all the questions you need to ask
  • Re-use as much as you can – from apple cores to xerox machines. We have second life solutions for all your unwanteds
  • Recycle much more than you’re currently doing. We can help you achieve 60-70 per cent recycling rates. Yes, really!

 Plus, we will help you reduce energy consumption, water waste and transport costs. Our ideas are cheap, cheerful and effective. Ideal for anyone who wants to take action on climate change and unnecessary office costs.


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