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Circular Materials for Low Carbon, Healthier Buildings

Exploring how circular economy principles can be incorporated into product development, procurement and building design.
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About this event

A one-day workshop aimed at Scotland based SMEs exploring how circular economy principles can be incorporated into product development, procurement and building design to deliver low carbon, healthy buildings.

Reasons to attend

If you are involved in the supply chain for the design and construction of new buildings in Scotland and are wanting to know more about sourcing and using sustainable construction materials that have a positive environmental and social impact, then this event is for you. The seminar is being held at the Lighthouse in Glasgow which is also home to the free resource; Material Considerations – a library of sustainable building materials.

Who should attend

This event is aimed at individuals representing any small or medium sized business that is involved in the construction industry supply chain in Scotland. It will be of particular relevance to small property developers, designers, house builders, tradesmen and sub-contractors, building product retailers, manufacturers, product designers or those simply looking for ideas on what material to use for a future build or refurbishment project.

Event details

This event will have a varied programme of presentations and workshops.

The morning will focus discussions relating to natural and recycled materials and how they can support a circular economy; why use sustainable building products, what and how materials are used in products, best practice specification and procurement of products, barriers and opportunities for using sustainable materials.

The afternoon will focus on the social, heath and wellbeing benefits of using certain materials and the avoidance of using certain non-natural materials.


This event by Zero Waste Scotland is being held in partnership with the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) and Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS).

Zero Waste Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund to deliver the Resource Efficient Scotland Programme. The Resource Efficient Scotland construction SME Advice and Support Service offers free advice and technical support to Scottish business, helping them embed circular economy principles into the design and construction of our built environment. The Service will be re-launched in October 2019, and through the implementation of recommendations by recipients of the service, aims to contribute significantly to the Scottish Government’s strategic economic objectives, climate change, energy efficiency and zero waste targets.

ASBP’s objective is to support the construction industry to use products that are better for us and the environment. They work from a position of independence from government and from short term commercial interests, supported by a diverse membership.

A&DS’s purpose is to promote the value that good architecture and sustainable design adds to everyone’s lives. Their role is to help people – whether by enabling them to get more involved in shaping the places they live in or improving the design of the buildings they use. Well-designed buildings and places make the very best use of our resources and create places that help people and communities to flourish.

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