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Twine producer ties up energy savings with Scottish Government Loan

After taking ownership of its factory in Angus, garden twine producer Nutscene (1922) Ltd worked with us to identify potential energy savings of £1,868

“Sustainability is critical to our products, and we extend this approach throughout our business. Resource Efficient Scotland provided excellent ideas for us to cut energy use and save money.” Laura Clark, Director at Nutscene

Nutscene twines are manufactured using traditional techniques and original machinery from the 1920s. But high quality craftsmanship can be highly energy intensive, and electricity use is a big overhead for the company.

When Nutscene moved from renting its building to full ownership it also took responsibility for energy, water and waste bills. Seeing this as an opportunity to increase control over its energy use, senior management reached out to us for free support and guidance on how to cut costs and boost profit.

One of our advisors visited Nutscene and performed a detailed assessment of how the business could reduce its resource use. This included reviewing all energy using systems and the way in which energy was used by employees in their day to day activities. 

The audit revealed a number of no- and low-cost actions that Nutscene could take to make immediate savings. For example, turning off electrical equipment when not in use and setting the water heater on a timer could save the company £868 per year. And upgrading to energy efficient lighting throughout the building could save over £1,000 per year.

Nutscene then applied for funding to finance its energy efficiency projects. This included an interest-free SME Loan  from the Scottish Government. We supported Nutscene’s application for the loan and the company received £5,500 to invest in lighting, fittings and controls. 

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Our support is funded by the Scottish Government and by the European Regional Development Fund through the £73 million Resource Efficiency Circular Economy Accelerator Programme.



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