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New heating system cuts energy costs saving Whiting Bay Village Hall over £2,500 per year

We supported Whiting Bay Village Hall committee members to replace the hall's inefficient liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and portable electric heaters, secure Government funding and install a more effective and efficient heating system.

Whiting Bay Village Hall, situated on the Isle of Arran, is a popular facility used on a daily basis by a number of community groups. Heating is a major overhead for the hall, particularly during winter when the island can experience periods of extreme weather.

A mixture of LPG and portable electric heaters were the primary heating source for the hall. The hall committee was keen to upgrade to a higher performance system that reduced costs and was more energy efficient. However, as a Grade C listed building, any installations that would change the appearance of the hall would require the submission of a compelling business case to the local planning authority.

The committee contacted Resource Efficient Scotland for support in identifying opportunities to upgrade its heating system. A Resource Efficient Scotland expert conducted a telephone audit to assess various options available to the hall, and investigated the costs, benefits and suitability of these opportunities. Ultimately, it was decided that an oil-fired heating system would be the most suitable option. Resource Efficient Scotland produced a robust business case for the upgrade which demonstrated that the new system would provide an efficiency improvement of 15% – corresponding to an annual energy saving worth over £2,500 and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 3.6 tonnes. 

The Resource Efficiency Scotland team then helped the committee members to apply for the Scottish Government’s interest free SME loan and supported them throughout the loan application process. The loan was approved in June 2016 and the new heating system was installed over the following weeks.

“We are absolutely delighted with the help we received from Resource Efficient Scotland which helped us to have our new heating installed in time for winter!” Sandy McGovern, Whiting Bay Village hall, Treasurer.

Whiting Bay is just one of many businesses we've supported. Whether you are looking to cut your energy or water use or prevent waste, we're here to help you run more resource efficiently. 

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The Resource Efficient Scotland programme is funded by Scottish Government and European Regional Development Funds.


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