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IT upgrade leads to energy savings for MBM Print

New energy efficient monitors, funded by a Resource Efficient Scotland interest-free loan, have created financial and energy savings for MBM Print.
MBM Print case study - photo of PC monitor

MBM Print are specialists in printing multilingual instruction manuals for a variety of sectors, including automotive and medical. They offer a wide range of printing solutions from their base in East Kilbride, employing around 160 staff. Their facilities consist of an office area with a kitchen and canteens, as well as a 10,000 sq m factory area housing production equipment.

The business was in the planning stages of a new remote server IT upgrade when they contacted Resource Efficient Scotland. They received a site visit and detailed report of recommended resource efficiency improvements. The business was subsequently approved for an interest-free loan to enable them to purchase new, energy efficient thin client PCs and screens which would connect directly to the new server.

MBM Print had old, legacy PCs throughout the business. These PCs were going to become obsolete with the planned switch to a remote server. The PCs were large and energy hungry. Thanks to the loan, MBM Print upgraded to new, slim, thin-client PCs which removed the need for hard drives, high-energy fans and anti-virus software.

Additional energy savings were made by selecting screens that utilised the latest power sense technology. The chosen screens detect if the user is present via an infrared beam, and automatically switch to a low energy mode when the user moves away. If the user doesn’t return for a set period, they automatically turn off until the user returns.

This feature is particularly useful as historically, many users had left their screens on for long periods when not in use. 

For example, in the warehouse, where screens are only used for short bursts of processing, they would often be left running 24/7. And in the office, it was common for many users to leave their screens on overnight.  Further cost savings come from not requiring to leave PCs on overnight for anti-virus software updates and because a thin client can’t host a virus this is a further saving.

Andrew Montgomery from MBM Print was delighted:

“Because of the energy savings we have made, we have been able to replace all of our IT equipment effectively for free.  Reducing our environmental impact and overhead costs at the same time whilst also improving our IT equipment is an incredible win-win.  I’m always looking at the bottom line and SME loans from Resource Efficient Scotland are an easy way to increase profitability.”


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