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Get the latest information to help your organisation save energy, save water, and reduce waste.

Reduce food waste in your business and save money

Scotland throws out nearly 1.4 million tonnes of food and drink every year. Learn how we can help your business to reduce food waste and save money through free practical expert help and funding

food preparation

Four New Year's Resolutions to help improve your profits in 2018

Beat rising energy, water and waste bills this year.

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Pursuing the platinum pledge paid off for Grampian Fasteners

Inspired ideas and gold star resource efficiency actions propels Aberdeen-based company to achieve our first platinum pledge

How to stop winter putting a freeze on your business’s profits and environmental performance

Follow these simple tips to save energy and money this winter.

Keeping warm through the winter using heating equipment.

Five things to do when the clocks go back this weekend

Don’t forget, the clocks go back this weekend. As well as remembering to reset your alarm clocks at home (and enjoying an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning), there are several things you should do at work too. 

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Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Sustainable Business Week

Free money-saving events for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire businesses this November - discover how to slash your bills, boost profits and grow a greener business.

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