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23 resource-hungry food facts

Why all the fuss about food waste? Because it’s a waste of the world’s most valuable resources – energy, water and carbon. Read on for some revealing food facts…

food aberdeen angus beef

Hospitality and food service resource efficiency challenge

Hotels and restaurants face particular challenges when trying to save energy and minimise waste, but we can help turn them into bottom line opportunities 

hospitality food banquet

Tech made easy: Let’s talk about heat recovery systems

Learn how heat recovery systems can maximise energy use from commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems and processes

energy heat exchanger heat recovery

Tech made easy: let’s talk about energy management systems (EMS)

Embrace the information age and cut energy use with an energy management system

energy smart meter

Tech made easy: let’s talk about biomass boilers

Discover how biomass boilers can help your business go off-grid, while reducing costs and carbon emissions

biomass fuel - renewable energy

How to be an energy saving god (or goddess)

Saving energy isn’t just a myth it’s a reality for businesses we work with across Scotland. If you want to show your energy saving might, then check out these powerful cost-saving actions, one for every day of the working week

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