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Saving money and reducing food waste in food and drink manufacturing businesses

With our impartial expert, and practical one-to-one support, funding assistance, training and guidance documents we can help you to set and achieve even the most ambitious food waste reduction targets.

Food and drink manufacturing

10 things to do before the summer bank holiday

Public Holidays give us a chance to unwind and relax away from work, but in the hurry of getting away for the break many forget to give a second thought to saving energy and resources when the workplace is closed for the long weekend. 

Read through our short checklist to help you save money and keep a track of what needs to be done before you go. 

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Sustainable Business Week in Angus – get involved!

Join a week of free business events in Angus.

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9 ways a small business can cut overheads and boost profit

Overheads like heating, lighting and water have a HUGE impact on a small business’s profitability.

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Why you should get a smart meter for your small business

Winter is an expensive time of year and as the cold weather kicks in it is easy to use more energy than you realise. Smart meters can help you to understand your energy use, and can become an essential tool for taking control of energy bills and cutting back on costs. 

smart meters

Ten top reasons why preventing food waste is a great idea

Wasting food wastes money and resources, and impacts us all. If you’re still lacking the will to drive food waste reductions through your business, read on for ten great reasons to take action.

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