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Regulation’s laid for Scotland’s 20p Deposit Return Scheme for drink cans, plastic and glass bottles

The regulations have been published to introduce Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme being introduced through the Climate Change Act, putting into place a scheme that will require a 20p deposit to be paid for specific drinks containers.

Deposit Return Scheme - image of plastic bottles

Are you feeding the right bin?

Get your business involved in Recycle Week 2019

Recycle for Scotland poster , image of a food bin and tea bag

Five ways your business can save paper and help protect the environment (includes free poster)

Wasting paper isn’t just bad for the environment, it affects your bottom line too. Taking action can be quite easy, so here are five ways you can tackle paper waste.

Paper blog - pile of waste paper

A smarter way to save money, improve environmental performance and improve the wellbeing of your staff

Find out about a technology that will optimise your building energy performance to help you reduce your energy use and make a more comfortable working environment.

energy smart meter

Seven steps to water-saving heaven

Saving water saves energy and money, and should make you and your business feel good about yourselves. Get in the flow with our top water-saving tips and tricks

moorland daliburgh south uist

Climate Emergency? How can your organisation help?

Get involved in these national PR campaigns for a quick and easy way to engage staff and highlight your environmental credentials.

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