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Saving money and reducing food waste in food and drink manufacturing businesses

With our impartial expert, and practical one-to-one support, funding assistance, training and guidance documents we can help you to set and achieve even the most ambitious food waste reduction targets.

Food and drink manufacturing

All businesses in Scotland have a role to play in supporting the Scottish Government to meet its target to reduce food and drink waste by 33% by 2025 - it’s a big target, but the opportunity is there.

In a report ‘How much food waste is there in Scotland?’ published by Zero Waste Scotland (November 2016) it noted that: in 2013, an estimated 1.35 million tonnes of food and drink in Scotland was wasted, with the majority of food waste arising from industry. Industrial food and drink waste is estimated at 740,000 tonnes of which 510,000 tonnes is attributable to food and drink manufacturing.

Furthermore, 56% of food and drink waste is estimated to be avoidable.

Some food and drink businesses in Scotland are already engaged with reducing food and drink waste; this is in turn saving them money and making them more profitable and sustainable.

The first steps to reducing your food waste is monitoring, measuring and targeting.

Paterson Arran Ltd (Paterson’s) segregate all food waste and have a robust monitoring programme in place, measuring and logging food waste at source, to enable the identification of food waste hotspots and inefficient processes.

Working in partnership with us, we identified further process improvements, to include: the installation of catchment trays, and driver and production line upgrades, identifying a total annual saving of over £36,000. To implement this opportunity, Paterson’s have been directed to the Waste Prevention Implementation Fund which offers funding towards waste prevention measures.  The continued utilisation of monitoring, measuring and targeting will enable the identified savings to be realised from the process upgrades.

 Running a business won’t get any cheaper - join the businesses who are already reducing food waste.

We offer SME businesses impartial expert, and practical one-to-one support to tackle avoidable food waste (and funding to implement the changes). For more information, come along to our half day interactive workshop on 20 September 2017 at Apex Grassmarket, Edinburgh where you can network and engage with experts and industry peers to discuss the high-profile issue of food waste and identify innovative, practical techniques and solutions to prevent food waste. You can register here

Or call the Resource Efficient Scotland Food and Drink Team on 0808 808 2268 or E:

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