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Are you feeding the right bin?

Get your business involved in Recycle Week 2019

Recycle for Scotland poster , image of a food bin and eggs

We all know recycling is important, and something we should be doing every day, however once a year Zero Waste Scotland likes to really draw attention to it and get everyone recycling that little bit more. Recycle Week this year takes place 23rd – 29th September 2019 so the countdown is now on.

Join Zero Waste Scotland this year and help promote food waste recycling in Scotland. 

Scottish households throw away 600,000 tonnes of food waste every year, around 40% of this is unavoidable.  Currently only 55% of households in Scotland recycle their food waste.  That means that almost half of our food waste ends up in landfill where it rots and produces methane.

Food waste isn’t just an issue at home, it’s a significant issue within many a workplace. All those tea breaks with cafetières filled with coffee grounds, steaming tea bags and post lunchbox remains can be needlessly filling up your office non-recyclable bin. However, it’s not all bad news – this untapped resource, if recycled via a food waste collection, could come back as electricity to power our homes and offices, compost and fertilizer for our farms and will even save you money.

Zero Waste Scotland is asking for your help to raise awareness and encourage food waste recycling during this campaign. Why take part I hear you ask?

  • It shows your customers, staff and stakeholders you’re taking action on important environmental issues
  • It’s a great way to improve your corporate social responsibility
  • It aligns your brand with a great cause
  • Can improve your recycling rates and reduce your management cost
  • It’s easy and free to get involved

This year Zero Waste Scotland will be fronting a national PR and digital campaign, asking ‘are you feeding the right bin?’.  During the week Zero Waste Scotland will be securing support from campaign ambassadors online and offline to help Zero Waste Scotland spread our recycling message to key audience groups as well as publishing a series of blogs, issuing releases directly to the media and utilising digital marketing to target our messages even further.

Recycle for Scotland poster , image of a food bin and tea bag

Zero Waste Scotland needs your support though.

Recycle Week works best when it’s a country wide activity. Zero Waste Scotland want to reach the length and breadth of the country, using multiple channels to really target behaviour change and get Scotland recycling its food waste. To do this though Zero Waste Scotland really need your help!  Your FREE Recycle Week partner assets are now ready to download and get ready to start using, including social media posts, an email signature and posters.  Please note that these assets are embargoed for use until Monday 23rd September to help Zero Waste Scotland generate maximum impact. 

Zero Waste Scotland needs your help to: 

  • Get the message out as wide and far as possible, urging people to use their food caddy and recycle their food waste. 
  • Run a recycling campaign in your workplace to engage staff, customers or residents during Recycle Week.
  • Tweet or post on Facebook and share our content including animations.
  • Engage the media by issuing a press release using a template Zero Waste Scotland will be providing nearer the time.
  • Get Recycle Week trending by remembering to use the hashtag #RecycleWeekScot 

As well as using these free resources you might want to use the week to introduce recycling bins or set up new recycling facilities for items such as crisp packets with Terracycle. You might want to take it as a chance to do a recycling bin audit to ensure everyone is recycling as much as they can.

Recycle Week is also a great opportunity to update your recycling bin signage? Zero Waste Scotland has a range of Recycle for Scotland resources to help you create and print all the signage you will need to get people recycling at work and ensure your business meets the requirements of the Waste (Scotland) Regulations. The poster creator has everything from ready-made customisable signage, to staff engagement posters and stickers. Even better it’s all free – you just need a printer.

Whatever you decide to do, please let us know if you are taking part, use the hashtag or send an email and let us know you are feeding the right bin!

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