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Paying too much for your energy? Top tips to test your tariff

Give these tips a go and see how much you could save.

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Four wise resolutions for an energy efficient new year

Resource efficiency makes good business sense so get serious about making it a reality across your business in 2019

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Unplug, switch off, shutdown – 16 seasonal energy-saving actions

Save money on your bills during the festive break with the help of our handy checklist

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Funding to reduce your business energy costs

By working with us, most businesses save an average of 24% on their energy bills. Right now, businesses can secure 15% cashback on energy efficiency projects, while funds last.

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Smart meter warning – you could unleash a love of spreadsheets (and a host of energy saving ideas)

Getting geeky with your smart meter can really add up to some serious savings. Here are a few of our ideas to transform your energy data into valuable insight on your energy use.

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Saving for a sunny day

So it was hot this past summer. Now, if you’re in the business of selling ice creams, shorts, cold drinks or sun hats you probably enjoyed a few months warmth and sunshine. But you may have been less impressed by the soggy summer of 2017, and how did you fair with the “Beast from the East” or even Storm Ali earlier this week?

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