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European Week For Waste Reduction (EWWR)

Do you get frustrated at the amount of waste you see around you?  Why not get involved in a Europe-wide initiative to raise awareness and encourage action to reduce waste.  

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10 easy ways to save energy now the nights are drawing in

Follow these nifty energy-saving tips to keep your workplace lit and staff warm this winter without burning money. 

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How you can save resources and money, even if your business rents its premises

In this blog post, we look at some simple, no and low costs actions your business can take to reduce its resource use, boost profits and play its part in beating climate change - and how you can work with your landlord to make even bigger changes too. 

How you can save resources and money, even if your business rents its premises

Five technological resource saving innovations

Organic light emitting walls and heat from fuel cells are just two examples of recent resource efficiency innovations. If you are looking for the latest, next generation innovations, read on.

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Regulation’s laid for Scotland’s 20p Deposit Return Scheme for drink cans, plastic and glass bottles

The regulations have been published to introduce Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme being introduced through the Climate Change Act, putting into place a scheme that will require a 20p deposit to be paid for specific drinks containers.

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Are you feeding the right bin?

Get your business involved in Recycle Week 2019

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