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Whole life costing in construction

Construction costs are only one type of cost to consider when building. Calculate your building and infrastructure lifetime costs using our whole life costing tool.

The key to sustainability and energy efficiency is taking a long-term view. The lifetime costs of a building – that is, maintenance, energy, repairs, right down to decommissioning and disposal – can exceed initial capital layout five times over.

Our whole life costing tool enables you to evaluate a construction project from drawing-board to demolition. It employs alternate scenarios in order to evaluate different designs.

The tool helps you consider:

  • Impact of material substitutions, which may cut costs initially but generate greater costs in the longer term
  • Effectiveness of different energy solutions, such as photovoltaic cells and biomass boilers
  • Staff, operating and maintenance costs over a building's projected lifetime

This user-friendly spreadsheet tool comes with a free guide, and can be used for new builds, major refurbishments, or even to consider the impact of discrete elements, such as roofing or glazing.

It gives you a comprehensive overview before the first brick is laid, to ensure your construction project is fully cost-effective and contributes to our shared, sustainable future.

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