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Climate Change Assessment Tool (CCAT)

The Climate Change Assessment Tool (CCAT) helps public sector organisations in Scotland self-evaluate their performance under the public sector duties of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.

The outputs are designed to complement, inform and support existing climate change policies and practices already operated by the public sector. Leaders and practitioners alike are strongly encouraged to use the self-assessment tool in order to:

  • assess their climate change credentials
  • identify organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • drive continuous improvement regarding carbon management
  • focus resources on key areas to improve sustainability, reduce emissions and costs.

The tool has been designed in Excel to work on both current and older versions of the software and is easy to use and navigate between topics and questions. The tool can be 'run' up to a maximum of five times and will store the results of each ‘run’ so that organisations can see their progress over time.

It is envisaged that CCAT will be completed by organisations in a workshop setting, with multiple contributors helping to foster a balanced and fair self-assessment.

The Climate Change Assessment Tool Guidance Document provides useful step-by-step instructions for running a CCAT workshop and there is also an accompanying slide pack in PowerPoint, with exercises and notes, available as part of the CCAT package. A printable version of the CCAT tool's question series (PDF) is also available for download to aid preparation of workshops.

How can we help you improve your CCAT score?

The Resource Efficient Scotland Programme has a variety of training and practical resources available to help public sector organisations improve their CCAT score, resource efficiency and therefore help meet their Climate Change duties.

Sustainable Procurement  a suite of elearning modules for public sector organisations to be able to procure more sustainable services.

Whole Life Costing Tool designed for evaluating the whole life cost of a new build or refurbishment project.  It allows a baseline to be set and then up to two scenarios created.  The scenarios can be used to test the impact of different design choices.  See the accompanying Whole Life Costing Tool Guide (PDF) for detailed instructions.

Carbon Management Guidance Documents a suite of guidance resources and tools prepared and written by specialist carbon management consultants to assist public sector organisations in developing, revising and maintaining their carbon management plans, activities and suporting documentation.

Green Champions Training a free online training course that gives you the skills you need to improve the resource efficiency of your organisation – and make cost savings too.

Resource Efficiency Pledge a free nationwide initiative which promotes, supports and recognises businesses commited to sustainable growth. Why not get recognition and support for your CCAT actions and join other public sector organisations who have already made their Pledge such as Edinburgh College and EventScotland.

For more information

We invite organisations to send us their action plan/results as well as requests for further advice and support to ccat@resourceefficientscotland.com

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