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Designing out construction waste guide

Designing out waste dramatically reduces construction costs and extends the life of a build. This guide provides practical solutions for each stage of the process.

Over 4.4 million tonnes of construction waste was produced in Scotland in 2014, making the sector the country’s single largest waste producer and a priority sector for the Scottish Government’s circular economy strategy Making Things Last.

The guide highlights the opportunities to adopt more circular approaches by designing out waste across the entire construction process. Covering:

  • Waste efficient procurement
  • Materials optimisation
  • Off-site construction
  • Re-use and recovery
  • Deconstruction and flexibility
  • Engaging with clients

This guide will help you to reduce the environmental impact of construction at every stage of the build project; from design, to procurement through to end of life deconstruction. It will help you to make the best use of materials, water and energy during construction and over the lifecycle of built assets.

Embedding resource efficiency practices and introducing circular economy principles will help to reduce materials, waste, and reduce overall construction costs.  Benefits are minimised carbon, while the useful life of the built environment and materials is extended too.

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