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Reduce your office carbon footprint with our green office guide

Offices can have a heavy carbon footprint. Our green office guide will show you how to save energy and reduce waste at work

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Don’t let your office be a costly epicentre of wasted paper, single-use food cartons, dripping taps and blazing heaters. Turn it around by taking hold of our practical, indispensable and absolutely free green office guide.

Read the Green Office Guide for a host of great ideas that will help you reduce waste, save energy and water, and make your office greener – and more profitable too.

The information in this guide covers the common environmental impacts of a typical office:

  • Resource use (e.g. energy, water and office supplies).
  • Waste disposal (e.g. food waste, paper, office equipment or worn-out fixtures and fittings).
  • Air emissions (e.g. from boilers or heating and cooling systems).
  • Noise pollution (e.g. from car parks or site maintenance).
  • Water pollution (e.g. from unauthorised discharges from catering facilities, contaminated run-off from car parks or through the use of cleaning and chemical products).

The guide will help office workers, managers and Green Champions to assess current practice, take practical action to reduce environmental impact, assign responsibility and set targets to encourage continuous improvement. It will also enable more effective internal and external communication.

The tried-and-tested principles used are equally applicable to larger offices and are compatible with some of the requirements of ISO 14001, BS 8555 2016 and the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).


Download the Green Office Guide:

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