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How to implement an environmental management system (EMS)

An Environmental management system (EMS) can help your organisation improve environmental performance, achieve energy-efficiency, meet legal obligations and cut costs.

A certified Environmental management system (EMS) is a coherent strategy for reducing your environmental impact, complying with legislation and setting improvement targets. It can help demonstrate your commitment to the environment, and give your staff and customers a warm fuzzy feeling.

Sound complicated? It needn't be. Our free, comprehensive guide will take you through the EMS process and help you to:

  • Identify environmental impacts, such as fuel use and effluent disposal. And consider unexpected impacts, such as spillages and power failures
  • Navigate environmental and health and safety legislation, establish if it applies to your organisation and assess your current compliance
  • Write an environmental policy – we have a comprehensive checklist to assist
  • Set targets and track progress – our templates will help you collect and analyse your data
  • Conduct a management review – we have the whens and hows covered


Let us help you become a sustainable, resource-efficient organisation, and communicate those credentials to your suppliers, staff, and customers

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