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Waste prevention implementation fund

Up to £100,000 grants available for the implementation of waste prevention measures

To save, sometimes you have to spend. To that end, the waste prevention implementation fund provides grants of up to £100,000 to SMEs in Scotland, for the implementation of waste prevention measures.

Who can apply?

SMEs from the food, drink and construction sectors, though organisations from other sectors may be considered. Public bodies and waste management companies are excluded.

What is it for?

The grants are available for capital projects that have been clearly demonstrated to reduce waste, examples including:

  • Minimisation of product loss – for example, through the implementation of catch trays on conveyor belts to reduce product loss, or automated monitoring systems to detect and correct manufacturing faults to prevent product loss
  • Improved recycling – for example, through the implementation of improved signage, or the development of segregated recycling areas
  • Reduction in raw material usage – for example, through the implementation of innovative technology or storage solutions to keep food/drink fresher for longer, or machinery to optimise yield, such as a CNC kit which increases the number of templates cut from a piece of metal

It is not for auditing, or feasibility studies.

How do I apply?

Call us now on 0808 808 2268

  1. We’ll help you to quantify your waste issues, and identify a solution
  2. You’ll complete a short proposal document
  3. When approved for environmental and return-on-investment criteria, you can proceed to a full application form

Successful applicants can receive up to £100,000, or the full cost of their capital project, so long as it does not exceed their de minimis limit. Help and support regarding your application, at any stage of the process, is always available from Resource Efficient Scotland.


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