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Supporting energy and low carbon heat

Resource Efficient Scotland works with key partners through the Heat Network Partnership to deliver change in the scale of heat networks in Scotland.

Many organisations have yet to consider the potential savings to them by assessing how they use heat and in particular, the potential benefits and savings of implementing district heating.

District heating networks distribute heat from a central location to homes, businesses and public buildings and allow us to make efficient use of a range of heat sources.

In Scotland, single boilers heating individual buildings are the main source of heat, but heat networks that supply towns or whole cities, can reduce carbon emissions, tackle fuel poverty with cheaper heat and are a long-term investment which can be adapted to meet changing energy markets.

Our team can provide independent and free support and strategic advice for organisations at every stage of implementing district heating projects, from the initial feasibility study to determine whether a project is viable, through to stakeholder engagement and implementation.

Scotland’s Heat Map

A key challenge in increasing our use of low carbon heating systems is helping businesses, developers, housing associations and communities identify potential district heating networks.

To help with this the Scottish Government developed the Scotland Heat Map in collaboration with the Heat Network Partnership.  This unique tool allows heat demand and supply to be easily identified on a map.

Together with other spatial datasets, developers can now focus on areas of need or priority to, for example, target fuel poverty or match industrial waste heat supply with public sector building demand.  Scotland’s Heat Map has now been rolled out to all local authorities in Scotland.

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Helping businesses identify the opportunities for heat recovery is the focus of our energy and low carbon heat team.  We can help your business quantify the potential energy available for recovery and prepare the business case.

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