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Save water

Take steps to reduce your water use, and enjoy lower water supply and disposal bills.

Water is a precious natural resource that all organisations use in some way. For some organisations and sectors, where water is used in operational processes (such as tourism, food and drink manufacturing, and renewable energy generation) it is central to success and survival. Even for others, where water is simply used in providing staff and visitors with domestic services (such as kitchen and toilet facilities), rising costs mean that water’s impact on success and profits should not be underestimated.

A water reduction plan can cut your water use by up to a half, and save your organisation money.  

Delivering clean water to your organisation takes huge amounts of energy. Savvy organisations understand how rising energy prices are likely to lead to larger water bills and carbon footprints. Follow their example and take action to use less water.

The benefits of better water management are:

  • costs savings
  • improved environmental performance and;
  • running a sustainable business.

All businesses can benefit from a water reduction plan, from those who only provide water for drinking and washroom facilities to those with water intensive production process, like some food producers who clean raw materials, and cool products and equipment.

First steps for water management

Understand your water bills

If you fully understand your water bills you will be better placed to respond to opportunities for improvement.

Measure and monitor your water use

Measuring and monitoring the water used by your organisation will show you the true cost of waste and help focus efforts on areas where the biggest cost savings can be made.

Conduct a site walk round

A site walk round is a great way to spot if you have any faults or leaks on your site. Use our checklist to make it quick and simple.

Make quick water savings

The price for water has increased in recent years due to increasing energy costs. These simple steps will help you to minimise your organisation’s water use and keep you in control of your costs.

Run a leak reporting campaign

Encouraging staff to report dripping taps and leaks is a quick way to cut your organisation's bills.

Implement a water minimisation programme

The costs for water supply, treatment and disposal have increased in recent years. Implementing a formal water minimisation programme will help go beyond your quick wins to achieve more significant cost savings.

Guides and tools

Save money on your water bill - Implementation guide

What are the typical opportunities around saving water to Scottish organisations? How do you go about implementing water saving projects? These questions are answered in our guide on how to ‘Save money on your water bills.

10 Step Good Practice guide to improving water efficiency.

Step 1: Engage with all staff and senior management to maximise buy-in at all levels.

Step 2:  Identify where, how much and why water is being used within your organisation.

Step 3 Review your bills and determine how much water consumption and disposal is costing your organisation.

For the detail of these and the other steps, please download the guide.

Site walk around checklist

Download the site walk around checklist and use it to help you on your site check. It’s a simple, easy way to catch leaks, faults or bad practices which are costing you money.

Water usage tracking spreadsheet

Collecting regular water meter readings will allow you to track your water use and to quickly identify any issues, such as leaks or excessive use. We have created a useful water usage tracking spreadsheet that will help you track and report on your organisations water use.

Watch the watch the video on the water tracking spreadsheet - it walks you through how to use the spreadsheet.  

Engaging your staff and visitors

Making sure you engage staff and site visitors in your water saving initiatives will help ensure you are successful in reducing usage and costs. To help we have developed some professionally designed posters and banners for you to download and start using today. Please check out the leak campaign posters and resources

Water management resources for the hospitality sector

If you operate in the hospitality sector, you’ll know that engaging with water users presents a big challenge, as one of the big users of water on your premises is your guests. To save you time and help you engage with your customers effectively, we have developed some professionally designed materials which you can download and start using today. Feel free to make use of the resources which include door hangers and linen re-use cards.

Read about the top 5 water saving opportunities for SMEs, shared by our team of advisors.

Learning and development resources for water management

Webinar: How to take control of your water costs by measuring and monitoring water use effectively. Hear from water efficiency experts on how to improve your skills and manage your water more efficiently.

Watch the webinar about seven simple ways to reduce your water bill.

Would you like to install new equipment in your organisation that would help you save water and reduce your water bill? Learn how by watching the webinar on how water improvements are made easy using the water technology list.

Are you a producer or manufacturer? Watch the webinar to uncover the top 5 water efficiency opportunities for industrial businesses.

Case studies, learning from others

Here are some examples of Scottish organisations who have implemented water efficiencies and are realising the financial benefits.

The Glasgow High School enjoy a monthly water cost saving of £500 after implementing quick, low cost water saving measures.

“Resource Efficient Scotland’s water efficiency workshop provided me with the knowledge I needed to consider water use in my organisation. As a result, I have made lots of small changes which have allowed to me cut our water use by 75% saving around £6,000 per year.” Keith Hodgson Estate Manager The Glasgow High School Club Limited.

Henderson’s of Edinburgh is a restaurant, café, table-service bistro, deli and organic artisan bakery. Water saving advice delivered the following benefits:

Overall water usage was reduced by an estimated 33%, with an annual saving exceeding £5,000.

Fitting cistern volume adjusters reduced WC water consumption by nearly 350m3 per year

Installing passive infrared sensors reduced urinal water consumption by 75%

The company established a water-use base load

LiveActive; Perth Leisure Pool

A significant reduction in water use was identified after installation of aerated shower fitting. The Perth site are investigating an additional roll-out of water efficient push taps and in-line flow restrictors. The organisation identified a potential 25% reduction in annual water consumption with an annual saving of around £27,000 with an expected payback on investment of 2 months

Police Scotland

The organisation identified significant water wastage due to the urinal cisterns PIR controls were insulated to eliminate wastage and deliver savings. A water use data analysis exercise uncovered potential for reduced meter size and reduced fixed annual costs; with a potential 65% reduction in water consumption in at Fife with a potential £28,000 annual cost saving across two sites, with an estimated payback on investment of only six months.

Scottish Courts

At the Glasgow Sheriff Court and Edinburgh Sheriff Court there was scope to optimisation the WCs, taps and showers at both sites. A meter downsize was progressed at Edinburgh. An estimated £18,000 saving per annum was identified across the two sites.


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