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Save energy

Low and no cost practical solutions to make your energy go further.


Conserve your energy while growing your business. Reduce overheads with these simple steps. 

Check your bills and take a baseline  

Understanding your waste, water and energy bills is a key part of reducing costs. A quick check of your bills may also highlight some immediate savings opportunities.

Reduce your lighting bills

Good lighting is critical for the safety and productivity of your staff and to create a positive experience for your customers. Follow these tried and tested techniques to make sure you light-up your workplace efficiently and reduce the impact of rising electricity costs. Read about common lighting myths, how to save money and energy on lighting systems, how to install light controls and sensors, and much more.

Ensure optimal temperatures

Space heating and air conditioning are major expenses for many organisations. The temperature that a room should be at in a workplace is also a sensitive subject amongst staff. Follow these simple tips to see where you can reduce costs while maintaining staff productivity and customer comfort.

Fix draughts, leaks and blockages

Draughts, leaks and blockages can build up slowly over time and be costing your organisation money without you even noticing. Fortunately, simple systems can be put in place to help you identify and address draughts, leaks and blockages and reduce heat loss and associated costs.


Now...make more savings


We can help to cut your business's energy consumption and related costs, contact the team today on 0808 808 2268 or click here. 


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