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Benefit from better business recycling.

Why recycle?

All organisations in Scotland are required, by law, to segregate key recyclates; paper, card, glass, plastics and metal, at source for separate collection. Most urban food businesses, producing over 5kg of food waste weekly will be required to segregate food waste.

Since the Waste (Scotland) Regulations came into effect, organisations across Scotland have benefited from better recycling – reducing their impact on the environment and, for some businesses, reducing costs as less waste is sent to landfill.

Recycling is however, only the third most sustainable option for managing waste materials. You should always apply the waste hierarchy and do as much as you can to prevent waste from arising in the first place before looking at your options to re-use and then recycle waste. A good place to start is to measure and monitor the waste that your business generates. To enable you to do that, you can download our waste generated tracking spreadsheet here. You may also wish to join our upcoming workshop and webinars on measuring and monitoring.

Once you have done that, here are some actions that will help your organisation recycle more effectively…

How can you save money on waste management?

For more information on how to apply the waste hierarchy in your organisation, please see our free guide ‘Save money on waste’. It provides comprehensive advice and a range of free tools and templates to help you reduce waste and save money in your organisation. Whether you are just starting out, or are looking for new ways to save waste in your organisation, this guide is a great place to start.

If you would like support with an existing project or just want some impartial advice on recycling, then please call 0808 808 2268, or email us at enquiries@resourceefficientscotland.com. We are here to help you for free.



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