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One to one support

Unlock savings with free onsite support for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Resource Efficient Scotland offers free onsite support through our team of implementation advisors and technical specialists which will help you to identifying your business’s cost saving opportunities.

How long does a resource efficiency audit take?

It typically lasts between two and three hours, allowing our advisor to conduct an in depth, structured review of your key operational areas and processes, at your chosen site.

Why ask for one?

The audit is designed to highlight your business’s best cost saving opportunities – from no-cost and low-cost quick wins, to long-term improvement projects. 

What happens after an audit?

On completion of an audit, you will receive a report detailing the key actions you can take to unlock your identified energy, water and raw material cost savings. The report will also contain clear signposts to further advice, support and funding that will help you implement those cost saving actions effectively.

If your business is just beginning its resource efficiency journey, the free resource efficiency audit is an ideal opportunity to understand your opportunities, prioritise your projects, and kick-start your cost savings.

If you’ve already made initial improvements, the audit is designed to help you identify further opportunities and plan your next steps.

To find out more about our resource efficiency audits, talk to a member of our team on 0808 808 2268, or contact us.

“I have recently installed a Biomass Boiler and received accreditation. The Resource Efficient Scotland report was a useful part of this process by giving validation at the planning stage and providing re-assurance during the funding stage. Thanks to Emma and the team for helping.”  Peter Phillips, East Muirdykes Farm.

Project implementation support.

Free technical expertise and support to help SMEs implement improvement projects.

We don’t leave you with the plan, we help you execute it. Our project implementation support provides you with the technical expertise, financial planning support and staff engagement know-how, that is almost always needed to successfully implement resource efficiency projects for lasting benefit.

This in-depth, onsite support often lasts for up to five days and can help you...

  • upgrade lighting, boilers or HVAC to more energy efficient units and improve controls;
  • set up recycling infrastructure;
  • benefit from the latest water savings devices;
  • engage with your staff and run a behaviour change programme;
  • access finance; and
  • identify process improvements.

If you have resource efficiency projects you would like to implement, and want to benefit from our project implementation support, please fill in the form below, or talk to a member of our team on 0808 808 2268, or email us.

State Aid

The on-site support provided by Resource Efficient Scotland qualifies as a benefit for undertakings under one of the European Commission de minimis aid regulations.  Any de minimis aid awarded to you as a result of this support will be relevant if you wish to apply, or have applied, for any other de minimis aid. Click here for further information.

Our free advice and support is available to every small- and medium-sized enterprise in Scotland. How much could you save by...

  • installing new, high-efficiency lighting
  • upgrading your heating system
  • encouraging staff to be resource efficient
  • using less water
  • insulating your premises
  • improving processes
  • using renewable energy
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