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Help for the hospitality, tourism and events sectors

Hospitality, tourism and events are inextricably linked.

Tourism contributes significantly to the economy and tourism related businesses can influence supply chain and other sectors such as hospitality, events, retail, food and drink, transportation and construction. 

We encourage all businesses involved in hospitality, tourism and events to make use of our free resources including online training, workshops, events and live webinars, access our quick tips or implemention guidesvideos and case studies.  We also offer free, specialist one-to-one support for site audit and implementation of resource efficiency projects. 

Our resources are relevant to all businesses within these sectors including pubs & bars, hotels & other accommodation providers, bed & breakfasts, restaurants, events venues and organisers, cafes and coffee houses.

“I would definitely recommend Resource Efficient Scotland and I’ll be calling on their services again whenever I can.  These savings will go a long way to help with future improvement and expansion.  Overheads are now paramount in our industry, and if savings can be made through renewable and sustainable energy installations then it is better for us, our customers and the environment.  More and more customers are now looking for businesses to go green, so by installing these technologies we are exceeding our customers’ expectations.” Scott Squires, Partner, Ardlui Hotel.

Working with trade associations and selected organisations we look to identify and implement optimum resource efficiency measures and share learnings with the wider industry.  We collaborate with organisations such as the Scottish Tourism Alliance, Hospitality Industry Trust and EventScotland to embed resource efficiency messages throughout their respective sectors via our Resource Efficiency Pledge Ambassador initiative. Committed to growing and supporting the industry, we also fund specific sustainability roles  within the Scottish Tourism Alliance and Scotland Food and Drink.

"We are amazed at the cost savings and other benefits that have been achieved by updating our lighting systems and making relatively simple, low-cost changes in other areas." Naveed Rasool, Welfare and Environmental Executive, Turnberry Resort

Interest free loans from £1,000 to £100,000

The availability of capital finance is one of the main barriers to organisations implementing resource efficiency measures. No longer. Funded by the Scottish Government, the Resource Efficient Scotland SME Loans scheme provides financial support to businesses which are looking to reduce costs through improved energy, material resource and water efficiency. Click here to read more about how to apply for an unsecured, interest free loan from £1,000 to £100,000.

Visit the Green Network for Businesses 

See first hand how organisations in your local area are already benefitting from resource efficiency projects and learn from their experience. If you’ve implemented your own projects, why not join the network too?

'Green Champions Training' 

A a free online course designed to help you develop specialist skills and training to help you unlock the biggest energy, water and raw material savings in your organisation and across your entire supply chain.  Improve your organisation’s resource efficiency and environmental performance and, of course, save money too.


Savings Finder  

A simple tool to help target your very best resource efficiency savings opportunities. Develop a quick and bespoke report for your organisation.




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