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First steps

Are you following these simple, tried and tested ways to save your organisation money by making resource efficiency improvements?

These are the first steps to follow for low and no cost ways to start save money and resources, today.

Check your bills and take a baseline

Understanding your waste, water and energy bills is a key part of setting up a measuring and monitoring scheme, but a quick check of your bills may also highlight some immediate savings opportunities.

Ensure working environments are at an appropriate temperature

Space heating and air conditioning are major expenses for many organisations. The temperature that a room should be at in a workplace is also a sensitive subject amongst staff. Follow these simple tips to see where you can reduce costs while maintaining staff productivity and customer comfort.

Fix draughts, leaks and blockages

Draughts, leaks and blockages can build up slowly over time and be costing your organisation money without you even noticing. Fortunately, simple systems can be put in place to help you identify draughts, leaks and blockages before they do too much damage to your bottom line.

Improve office procurement

You can help reduce the amount of money spent on the procurement and disposal of your office equipment.

Print smarter

Reduce your energy and waste disposal costs by learning to print smarter.

Just one person printing 40 fewer sheets of paper each week saves 2,080 sheets of paper each year. That’s enough paper to reach end-to-end across the entire length of the pitch at Hampden… nearly 6 times.

Reduce your lighting bill

Good lighting is critical for the safety and productivity of your staff and to create a positive experience for your customers. Follow these tried and tested techniques to make sure you light-up your workplace efficiently and reduce the impact of rising electricity costs.

Make quick water savings

The price for water has increased in recent years due to increasing energy costs. These simple steps will help you to minimise your organisation’s water use and keep you in control of your costs.

Around 90% of organisations in Scotland have water meters fitted and are paying for water by volume used.

Measure and monitor resource use

Measuring and monitoring the resources used by your organisation and the waste it produces will show you the true cost of waste and help focus efforts on areas where the biggest cost savings can be made.

Make a waste prevention plan

Making a waste prevention plan is the best way to understand where resources are used and where waste is generated in your organisation. It will help you find and prioritise cost-saving opportunities and ensure you are compliant with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations.

Develop and share an environmental policy

Developing and sharing an environmental policy is a great way to improve the way you manage your resources, achieve cost savings and enhance your corporate image.

Do you want to be a Green Champion?

Gain specialist skills and training to help you unlock the biggest energy, water and raw material savings in your organisation and across your entire supply chain. Green Champions Training is a free online course designed to develop new skills so that learners can improve their organisation’s resource efficiency and environmental performance and, of course, save money too. A series of short modules both to aid planning and practical application. Learners are awarded a course certificate on completion.

Savings Finder

Target your very best savings opportunities with this free online tool. Quick, easy with a bespoke report for your organisation.

“The Savings Finder tool was a comprehensive but straightforward way for us to identify practical steps to improve efficiency and save money." Louise Smart, Environment Manager, Michelin Tyre Public Limited Company.

Green Office Guide

The guide provides support for staff in offices (of any size) looking to reduce their impact on the environment and decrease their costs by improving the use of office resources.

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