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Reducing food waste
in the food and
drink industry

With our guides and support, you
can make a difference and reduce
your costs too.

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Scotland is committed to reducing the food waste mountain – by 33 per cent by 2025 – and by an impressive 50 per cent by 2030

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Scotland throws out
nearly 1.4million tonnes of
food and drink every year.
Let's cut that out!

Food waste generates methane, a
potent greenhouse gas, and
squanders the water, land and
energy resources (and all the
associated carbon) that went into
producing that food in the first place.


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We can't tackle climate change all by ourselves, and we don't expect you to either

Whether your business is hospitality, retail, or food and drink production, we have the guidance, resources and personal support that will help you set and achieve even the most ambitious food waste targets, including:

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Expert, practical 1-to-1 support to identify food and drink waste cost savings

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Managers using food waste guide

Free, comprehensive guide to lead you through your very own food waste revolution. 

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Good to Go 2

‘Doggy Bags’ tackle plate waste in your restaurant business

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