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Preventing waste
in construction

Reduce your waste with our
range of tools and guides
tailored to those involved in
construction – from
designers and contractors
to clients and customers


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Construction consigned a crushing 4m tonnes of waste to landfill (in 2014 alone). Making it Scotland's biggest waste producer. 


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What we can do

We can take you through every stage of the construction process, providing on-site evaluations, support to construct a business case and access loans, training, workshops, and much, much more.

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Our tools

Our range of free guides, tools, templates and expert support can help both buyer and builder address issues such as:


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Procurement of materials

Prevention is always better than cure, so use our resources to source sustainable materials in the most energy-efficient way


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Designing out waste 

Build in energy-efficiency, replaceable components and flexible layouts to all your plans



Measuring, monitoring and reducing waste 

Use our Site Waste Management Plan to evaluate your waste and identify opportunities to reduce it


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Re-using materials 

Our Construction Materials Exchange is a free service that enables you to exchange materials you don't need for ones you do

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Procurement consturction guide

Procuring resource efficient construction projects

This online interactive guide aims to support clients (public and private) and contractors to enhance waste reduction, re-use, and recycling through design and resource efficiency.

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